General chat room for all of Chrissie's friends!

Hi Lisa, I thought we can use this blog to suggest books we want to recommend to each other. You and I and our other friends  chat about, well, anything! And to help each other learn about BL. I have put it on both your blog and mine since I gave it two tags:  chrissieandfriendsgab   and lisaandfriendschat  !


I hope Simran has found this and Lee and............all of you!


Oscar says a woofy hi.


I am reading American Prometheus by Kai Bird about Oppenheimer. Very good!!!  excellent follow up to Bomb by ....I cannot remember, but I just wrote a blog entry about that one. That review is near the top of my blog page.


Don't give up if you are lost, just wade around for a while. I am a nincompoop at this stuff and I have sort of managed so you can too.