All the Names

All the Names - José Saramago, Margaret Jull Costa

I listened to this so I would not have to deal with the lack of punctuation, and yet the never-ending sentences were still unavoidable. On and on and on with lists of details that I found boring.

This is a philosophical treatise, or should I say pure sophistry?! Yes, I get what the author is saying about life and death and that the two are intertwined. Even if I do happen to agree, the point is pithy, and I didn't need to listen to all this theorizing. I do get it but I knew it before I began.

Occasionally I did chuckle. That is all I can say that is good about the book. The main protagonist's conversations with the ceiling were amusing.

I did like The Elephant's Journey, and for that reason I thought I would try this book, but it will be my last by Saramago!

The audiobook was narrated by Traber Burns, and he did a fine job. Unfortunately, you cannot make a poor book into a good one through good narration.