The Gods of Gotham

The Gods of Gotham (Timothy Wilde Mysteries #1) - Lyndsay Faye This is engaging from page one. You feel like you are in NYC, at the middle of the 19th Century. NYC has just formed a police force, due to rampant crime. There is filth and vermin and fires - great to have recently read [b:Triangle: The Fire That Changed America|108305|Triangle The Fire That Changed America|David von Drehle||873417], although that took place 50 years later.

I am listening to the audiobook narrated by Steven Boyer. Every word is clear, even though the speed is rapid. The Irish brogue is just perfect for the time and setting. There is a glossary in the written book, but by listening to the context you do understand. It is amazing how this narrator can one minute sound as a woman and the next a man or a child!

In short, I loved the description of the time and place, but the crime itself was so perfectly tied up it felt too perfect. Others might love that each culprit was properly fit into the scheme of the diverse crimes. There are in fact several! Everyone got their due punishment, if not immediately, they would soon. This does make the book palatable. I cannot explain more than that without giving spoilers. I definitely didn't like that one of the central characters changed midstream; that felt unbelievable. Unconvincing, to say the least! You are lead to believe one thing and then the opposite is thrown at you.

So am I glad I read it? Yes, because I learned about a time past. There are interesting facts about the politics and religious factions prevalent in New York City of the 1840s. I don't think the story itself will stay with me that long, but sure, it was exciting to follow for a short while.

A word of warning: the crimes are brutal and it is children that suffer, orphans forced into prostitution.