Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur (Random House Reader's Circle)

Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur - Halima Bashir, Damien Lewis I highly recommend this book to all those wishing to know more about the Darfur Conflict / Darfur Genocide that began in 2003. The Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) accuse the Sudanese government of oppressing non-Arab Sudanese, i.e. the black Africans of Sudan. When Britain left Sudan they left it in the hands of the Arabs. The guerrilla conflict is between the blacks and the Arabs of Sudan. The Arabs had been a nomadic people, the blacks were farmers. With the support of the Sudanese government, the Janjaweed, a Sudanese militia group recruited primarily from the Arabized indigenous Africans, have murdered, raped and burned black African villages throughout Darfur. This book is about one woman, a Black Muslim who grew up in a village of Darfur. She has lived through this genocide. The book was published in 2008. The conflict remained unresolved art this time. The number killed, by disease, starvation and direct violence, is disputed, but most likely it significantly exceeds 450,000.

You learn both about the genocide and the traditions and customs of the black villagers, the people of the Zaghawa tribe. Halima Bashir, the author, was educated in Sudan and became a doctor. Her own dreadful female circumcision influenced her wish to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. This book, describing her experiences and her life story, is hard to put down.