Speaks the Nightbird

Speaks the Nightbird - Robert R. McCammon I read this with two of my GR friends. We all gave up before finishing it. We all dumped it. One of us read over 400 pages and even at that point decided it had to be heaved! I read 7 chapters and the other friend read 6 chapters. I think this gives a clear message as to the value of this book.

We have discussed the book in the comments below. Let me make a quick summary. The writing and the events that the author lines up are extremely crude, salacious and incredible. Incredible in two ways:
1. The details are not historically accurate. The existence of palatial residences in the Carolinas is just one example.
2. The characters, given their past life experiences, would not behave as they do. (Details are specified in the comments below.)

I feel obligated to give examples so you believe me. There is sex with a horse. There is a woman sucking a thorny cock of a monster. Is that enough? The language is crude, and I am not prissy, but there are limits to my tolerance. It is acceptable to put uncouth characters acting in a disgusting manner in a novel, but I do not appreciate writing where the author wants us to revel in such depravity.

The narration of the audiobook by Eduardo Ballerini is slow. Actually its speed is glacial.

This is the first of a series. I will not be reading any book written by this author. He originally wrote horror books. Perhaps one's writing style is hard to change!