Out Stealing Horses - Per Petterson, Anne Born I read this book because it brought back to me exactly how it is to live in Dalarna, Sweden, ie immediately over the border on the Swedish side. A perfect picture of the laid back life style of rural central Sweden. What does a border mean? Very little. The lakes, gravel roads, small cottages, the timber hauling trucks that hog the roads, thunder storms. I love thunderstorms, but there I experienced one that continued for 3 hours and really made even me scared. I will never forget it! The birds on the lakes, in the thick forests of pine and spruce, at the bird feeder. The loons gliding on the lakes, the titmice that knock on your windows if you forget to fill the feeder, the cranes dancing in the spring. All of this was depicted beautifully. The snow and silence. Just lovely!

And the people. I cannot put my finger on what it is, but the lack of communication or maybe the futility of communication. Either one understands or one doesn't so why bother blabbing about it. But also the pain caused by this total inability to talk.

Maybe it deserves four stars. Yes I really liked it, but I know Sweden and this knowledge is what made the book so special for me.