The Whistling Season - Ivan Doig Now I have finsihed the book - so this first paragraph is written after the following paragraph. The plot has a tremendous surprise at the end. All along you know what is going to happen at the end. You do and you don't, because there is a fun twist. And it all holds together. I thought I knew the characters, but in the end when one in particular surprises you, you realize he threw you a looper but his character remains consistent and very believable and real. So an interesting twist ends the book and this keeps you thinking after you finish the book. A very good book, for numerous reasons. On second thoughts I would like to add that the writing style will either appeal to you or not appeal to you. I think this will be a personal thing. I liked it. And I loved Morrie.

I adore the dialogue. This writer can write. For me, the language of a book is very important. I am so sick of Nobel Prize winners that are so HARD to read. Reading a book should always be enjoyable, and it can be even if the subject is difficult. Excellent writing in this book. I usually pick books where I think I will learn something so then at least I have gotten out something if the writing wasn't up to par. I am always so happy when I find just tremendous writing. And I like to chuckle, which I definitely do reading this book.