Winter's Tale - Mark Helprin I didn't like this book! In fact about 2/3 of the was through I asked myself why, why am I reading this? I couldn't care less about any of the characters. So I didn't finish it, and that is really unusual for me. I absolutely adored the author's book A Soldier of the Great War. What a let down this was. I think I disliked it because there was just too much fantasy in it for me. I need some truth interwoven into a story. I like stories whaere I can find the cities where it takes place on a map, or where there is history interwoven and I can check out wikipedia for more facts. Just too much fanstasy for my taste. Yes the author is a good writer. How he expresses things, this I do enjoy, but it wasn't enough to keep me reading.... So in fact I am only giving it one star.