What I Loved - Siri Hustvedt Now I have finished it. Excellent! Suberb! Who should read it? Well, you sort of have to like cerebral books. Absolutely never dull, never boring. Always something that gets you thinking. Kirkus say that Hustvedt "writes spectacular sentences that embody the American experience in brilliantly specific physical imagery." I cannot expresss this better than they do.

There is so much in this book - add adolescence, a superb description that reflects what we have all been through. There is so much to think about. One has to stop reading to "digest" it. One minute I am in total support and then it flips and I say, no, no way do I agree with this or perhaps do I? Through it all your thoughts run non-stop.

Another thought about this book - love and sex and life are gorgeously intertwined; intellectually, emotionally and beautifully limned

Wonderfully intriquing characters. Hustvedt's description of Bill's artwork is so wonderful that it seems as magical as the the real thing. I wish they existed. I wish I too could see and touch them. And the character analysis is marvelous. Here is a direct quote of a conversation occurring between father(Leo) and his young son(Matt):

"That was a funny man," Matt said to me on the street as he took my hand.
"Yes," I said(Leo). He's funny, but you know he can't help the way he looks."
"But he talks funny too, Dad." Matt stopped talking and I waited. I could see that he was thinking hard. My son thought with his face in those days. His eyes narrowed. He screwed up his nose and tightened his mouth. After several seconds he said,"He talks like me when I am pretending." Matt deepened his voice, "Like this - I'm Spiderman."
I stared down at Matthew. "Well you're right, Matt" I said. "He is pretending."
"But who is he pretending to be?" Matt asked.
"Himself," I said.

I love the integrity that Hustvedt acknowledges in the young son Matt.

Two books - both having 5 stars - can be so very different. Isn't that what makes litterature so marvelous.

The author is born in the US. Does anybody know if she has Norwegian ancestors? The name sounds Norwegian.