Miss Chopsticks - Xinran, Esther Tyldesley Will this be as good as Sky Burial? I hope so!

No, in my opinion it wasn't.Reading this was kind of a culture shock. I have a hard time believing the complete naivety of the three main characters. Maybe what disturbed me most was what the author has them say. I can question my inability to "accept" that these women did have such naive thoughts. On the other hand such naivety was not evident in the characters of Skye Burial. Understanding of what is right and wrong or what moves people is not learned. It is just in the person. In fact the author makes the portrayal of the adolescents' mother very wise, kind and understanding. She spent her whole life living in the country. The mother is not at all as naive as her daughters. I do understand that the change in life styles between country versus city living was huge. I think what I see as a fault is the language used by the three girls. I have some Chinese friends and one in particular does talk in a similar manner. She speaks in a very straight-forward manner, what I would call an unnuanced manner. We in the West tend to be a bit kinder, more polite in how we express ourselves. We would never just say that one of our daughters was "stupid". What I mean by this is that maybe the language used IS correct. That I simply don't like it, and thus this is not a fair criticism of the book. For me the language felt extremely childish. If you care about someone, wouldn't you make an effort to temper how you express yourself? Are the Chinese any different from us? No, we all know when we are hurting somebody. It was what came out of the characters" mouths that annoyed me.