Dough: A Memoir - Mort Zachter I really did enjoy this book. I like the books message and language used by the author. It is like he is talking to you. I personally do not like fancy language. I prefer saying something clearly. I think when author's use tons of poetic lyrical fancy talk it puts me off. It is like they are trying to impress someone. Who is looking. I much prefer straight talk which often draws you in and pulls you close to the emotions of the character speaking.

and the message. Enjoy life, not at the expense of others, but remember we have only one life and make sure you go after what you want. Sometimes we get all caught up in doing what we should do at the expense of having the fun of doing what we want to do even though this hurts no one. Almost like we feel guilty for being able to follow our dream.

I am very happy for the author. I personally enjoy his writing style. I hope he now writes more books, after leaving his previous tax lawyer job and becoming a full time author. Good luck Mort! All my wishes to you and your family! Your book makes me feel like a friend to you and that is why I finish this note in this way.

PS Your father's illnes and regained health was terribly moving.