My Life and Hard Times - James Thurber Before starting: I need something light, and I love memoirs, so this should be perfect.

And it was! A very short memoir that says it all. Some writers don't have to talk and talk and talk, just a few short episodes, all humorous, tell about the essential elements of James Thurber's boyhood growing up in Columbus, Ohio - the flatlands. Even though the chapters could be seen as short stories, they are not! They are true episodes in this humorist's life. The book was written in the 30s and it has lost none of its charm and humor. That is what I call a classic.So many classic's are dated in their writting style. This isn't. What is covered: his relationship with his mother, from whom he got at least part of his biting humor, eccentric relatives, dogs, of course dogs, school and military training, ghosts, burglars, the day the dam broke and yet didn't and of course his difficulties with his fading vision. So few words, but they say it all and they say it with humor.