The Speed of Dark - Elizabeth Moon I never read science fiction, but this just might be something for me. Those of you who have read this, I would appreciate your comments. I know this is primarily about autism, but I am guessing it is also about how an individual is shaped, for bad and for good by their illness. Is it only about autism, or isn't it also about how an illness molds who we become as a person? Doesn't it even go beyond that? If you have an illness, don't you get to the point wherre you realize having that illnes, although generally it is a pain in the butt there are elements that have forced you to make more of your life. You are who you are, and you cannot separate yourself from that illnes. You and the illnes have become a tightly woven ball of thread. It has made you who you are. You cannot see your illness all in black terms. I am diabetic and have been so for more than 47 years. Who would I be if I were no longer diabetic? All my moorings would be swept away. Or would they? I think I would remain who I am, but who I am is to a large extent my diabetes. I see the world differently due to my diabetes. My hypos, when my blood glucose is too low, are both good and terrible. At one particular corner street where I had a hypo, I looked up and saw the BLUE sky and the buildings jarring against that sky in a haphazard manner and it was so stupendously beautiful. Everytime I am there, I see that beauty. It is utterly real for me. These "strange experiences" remain. I could go on and on, but I wont. I really don't know if anyone would understand..... Does this book show you how to look at the world around you in unconventional beautiful ways? Does it show you that what is bad isn't really all that bad? Autism must be even harder to choose away than diabetes. Your whole window on the world will be forever closed. Or will it? Can you keep what you have learned?