The Bielski Brothers: The True Story of Three Men Who Defied the Nazis, Built a Village in the Forest, and Saved 1,200 Jews - Peter Duffy Having written so many reviews today, I am getting lazy and sloppy. Let me just summarize by saying that I really liked this book b/c it showed how some Jews fought against the Nazis. So many just say they dumbly put themselves on trains to the concentration camps. THAT IS FALSE! Their active attempts to fight against all odds must be made known. This book helps make clear the truth. Jews did fight for their ives. Secondly, Tuvia was a fighter. To be that you cannot at the same time expect him to always balance his anger perfectly. In time of war maybe you need these people too. It is utterly amazing the non-descript role he took as a taxi-driver after the war. You might look at this taxi driver and NEVER, ever imagine the acts of courage that lay in his past! You never know who a person REALLY is until you sit down and talk and talk and talk. It is amazing what one person can hide inside themselves. Thirdly, this book presented an absolutlely stunning overview of all parts of WW2. It is wxorth reading just for that. Nope, I think I will switch it to five stars, from my previously allotted four!

Through page 130: This is hard to swallow. Tuvia becomes just too vengeful for my tastes.I have absolutely no intention of stopping, but this is not a pleasant read.

Through page 118: At times this is an extremely difficult and detailed read about the atrocities committed during war. Actually it is the historical overviews that gives your emotions a reprieve.

Through page 60: The book begins by giving a clear overview of WW2 from 1939-1941. It is on the basis of these events that Tuvia Bieski begins to realize that he has to do something to save the remaining members of his family and other Jews in his community. It is in this man's nature to fight back. So he began to plan. I particularly liked the degree of detail given to the historical events - not too much nor too little. The sources for each chapter are noted in the back of the book. Along with the "historical events" the readers learns what was happening to the Bielski family. This makes the "historical events" have a more personal tone. This is what happened to the mother, the father, this brother and that brother. You understand the fury and determination of Tuvia and his brothers, Asael and Zus.

Starting: Lovely it has a good map! It takes place in what is today Belarus, a deep forest area west of Minsk. I so want to read about these Jews who courageously fought for their survival in WW2. they didn't just succumb.