The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story - Diane Ackerman This is the sixth review I have written today. My review cannot do justice to this book. I am too tired. It is an excellent book. It is a completely different way of describing how two people, Jan and predominantly his wife Antonia's experiences and efforts to save Jews in Warsaw during WW2, could make such a difference.

I will quote from page 314 and 315:

" In all around three hundred people passed through the way station of the Warsaw Zoo en route to the rest of their nomadic lives. Jan always felt, and said publicly, that the real heroine of this saga was his wife, Antonia. 'She was afraid of the possible consequences,' he said to Noah Kliger, who interviewed him for the Israeli newspaper yediot Aharomot, 'she was terrified the Nazis would seek revenge agzinst us and our young son, terrified of death, and yet she kept it to herself, and helped me (with my Underground activities) and never ever asked me to stop. '"

"'Antonia was a housewife,'he told Danka Narnish of another Israeli paper 'she wasn't involved in politics or war, and was timid, and yet despite that she played a major role in saving others and never once complained about the danger.'"

"Jan said: 'I only did my duty - and if you can save somebody's life, it's your duty to try' Or 'We did it because it was the right thing to do.'

Antoniia died in 1971, her husband three years later. "

You should read this book because Jan and Antonia are two humble, yet amazing people, that should be better known. I actually believe there were many more like them that did their little bit to help others. What they did is so very important to help one unerstand and love humanity.