Little Boy Lost - Marghanita Laski, Anne Sebba Daisy, I just received a message that you liked a review I had written for a completely different book, The Bridge on the Drina. Thank you! It got me thinking how important it is to tell others when we DON'T like a book. Perhaps we can warn others..... Little Boy Lost finishes with a "sophisticated " afterword explaing why the book is so wonderful, so marvelous, so accomplished. I read it and thought - huh? I don't agree at all! This so reminds me of those highbrow reviews by art critics that explain why we should love what we are looking at, but get it all wrong. They completely miss what I am feeling.

The indecision and naiv├ęte of the man who had to decide whether the little boy sitting there in the orphanage in a little village outside Paris after WW2 could possibly be his son irritated me to pieces! I hated his behavior. I hated the cowardice of this adult. I hated the selfishness of this man who demanded to know with 100% certainty if the wretched little boy really was his own son. His need to know for sure, that infuriated me. Who was the little boy lost? The adult or the child? Take a guess!

Even more horrible was the cop out way in which the author chose to end the book!!! Just a flip of one page and everything changed. Was there an explnation? No, none! In addition, I guessed the role Binkie would play one third of the way thorugh the book! Neither do I think the author so remarkably decribed post war France and black market corruption.

Don't expect to smile or chuckle or laugh. No, not even once!

What a huge disappointment.