The Crow-Girl: The Children of Crow Cove - Bodil Bredsdorff, Faith Ingwersen This YA book did not work for me. There was a lot of talk about the Crow-Girl books by the Norwegian author Bodil Bredsdorff in the Comfort Reads Group of which I am a member here at GR. There is an overall gloom that I did not enjoy. I am NOT one to shy away from a book that focuses on "difficult times". It is not enough for me that a story ends on a positive note. No, I even prefer a novel that ends half-way happy as long as the passage through the book isn't dismal and provides a chuckle or a smile curls my lips. I think this is essential for a child's book. I want them to see that even at bad times it is possible to find something good around you if you take the time to find it.

The main character, Crow-Girl, was always ever so righteous! Most of the adults she encountered were so unbelievably nasty. I found these NASTY people heartbreaking! I simply could not deal with the depressing nastiness! Remember this is a child's book …… Why is it that I can stomach evil behaviour when I read history, but not when I read fiction? I think it is b/c in fiction an author chooses how he will portray a character. The author can make them human, with good and bad qualities OR so wicked that the reader cringes at all contact with these bad-doers. In this case it was the latter, and the brunt of all this evil was children. I know that most fairy tales for children follow a pattern where good conquers evil. So maybe I am wrong, but I was very uncomfortable reading this book! And the characters felt too black or white.

Think about it – how often do you become close to the evil personages of history? Usually there is a distance between you and them! Here, in this novel, they were too close for comfort. I can only give this book two stars.

I should add that some adults did manage to straighten themselves out. Consistently children were the ones to suffer from the behaviour of mixed-up or mean adults.


I must be crazy to add another kids book, I have so many sitting around, but actually it is me that will read it first. I was enchanted by the text snippet I read. I like the grandmother's no nonsense advice to follow one's intuition. So yes I have added this to my highest priority shelf, the wishlist. Gundula thank you for shoving me a bit.