Jamilia - Chingiz Aitmatov BEFORE READING:Doesn't take place in the Caucasus but instead in Kyrgyzstan. Perhaps more of a love story to ones homeland rather than between people? I wish I could read a bit of the text somewhere...

There is a link to the entire book in the first comment below! I forgot and bought the book. What does that say about my head?!

AFTER READING: 4 stars. Prose that envelopes you in the place (Kyrgyzstan) and the emotions of the village people. It is about love, love between people, love for your homeland, or where you think you belong, and even more than that, love of life. It is about those people that dare to put down their reserve and show their emotions. Doing this, exposing yourself, makes you vulnerable. At the same time you jubilantly rejoice in what life has to offer. And it is about art, as a means of expressing joy and sorrow.

I need more to dig my teeth into to give it 5 stars! It was short and perfect, but I want more.