Shark Dialogues - Kiana Davenport I liked the first 70ish pages about the matriarch Kelonikoa, the daughter of a Tahitian chief. The writing was colorful and vibrant. Hawaiian history and geogarphy were wonderfully described.

But now, Pono, Kelonikoa's great granddaughter, has come on stage. The writing is just too dramatic, too graphic - with slaughter and rape and magical realism that is simply too weird. I am fighting my desire to just dump this book. I REALLY am not enjoying myself. Usch, do I have to continue with this....... I am on page 126 of 492. There is no map, and you have to constantly look up the Hawaiian words in the glossary at the back.

I am going to bed. I will do anything but read this book.

I forgot to mention, neither is there any humor. After sleeping on it, I have decided NOT to continue. Parts were well written, so I am giving it two stars. Frankly, maybe the book is OK, but it just isn't my cup of tea. I feel like I am a quitter, but I just don't want to read this!!!!!!!