Portrait of the Mother As a Young Woman - Friedrich Delius NO SPOILERS

On completion: This is a very short novel, and it only shows how perhaps one young, pregnant German woman might have viewed the world around her. It takes place during WW2. She is in Rome and she doesn't think there is any value in learning the language. In my opinion she is extremely naive. She criticizes other religions. Religion is very important to her; it gives her solace, it helps her when she has problems. I don't criticize this, but I have difficulty relationg to such a person. The book is written as a stream of consciouness. Due to this, you, the reader, cannot fasten on to another character in the novel, if you feel alienated to her. There are surely people like her, and perhaps it is a good depiction of such a person, but I cannot relate to her. The lack of punctuation isn't really a problem, but neither is it a plus. I see it as a gimmick. I didn't enjoy reading this. I do not know why it has won prizes. Well, we all like different things. I am only giving it one star. I will swap it with someone who does want to read it!

Through page 28: At first I adored this! Now it is harder to keep going. There are no sentences. No periods. The narrative is stream of consciousness - the thoughts being that of a young, naive, pregnant German woman. She is staying at a German "maternity home/hospital" in Rome run be Evangelical nuns. Her husband is off fighting in Tunisia, WW2. The writing takes the form of how a person thinks. This is more of a novella than a novel.