Partitions - Amit Majmudar “Partitions” is about the mass movements of people of different faiths that occurred when India became independent from Britain and was split into two nations, India and Pakistan. It is not about the historical events, but rather about a few individuals that lived through the mobs, killings and horrors caused by the rapid and indiscriminate drawing of borders. This book focuses on the personal events of a few individuals, not the national events. It takes place at the border between India and western Pakistan – in the region of Lahore, Amritsar and New Delhi. Four very different individuals come together; two Hindu six-year old twins of the Brahmin caste, an aged Muslim paediatrician and a young Sikh woman fleeing her father.

The narrator is what makes the book different. He is the spirit of the twins' dead father. The entire tone of the novel is changed by this "spiritual entity". Rather than being down to earth, factual the novel becomes surreal, poetic and ephemeral. This was not to my taste, and yet I believe others may appreciate such writing.

Although I do prefer writing which focuses on how individuals are battered by historical events, this book is devoid of historical events. The time period covered is just a week or two. This partially explains the lack of historical events. I learned nothing new, and that is a disappointment.

Although I can only give the book two stars, I have no difficulty understanding that others like it much more than I do.