Child 44 - Tom Rob Smith Well, it is utterly amazing that I have read a crime novel and enjoyed it. I usually get lost and understand nothing. I enjoyed this and understood what was going on from start to finish. So, if I can give it three stars, that probably means other people will give it more. I do recommend it.

I will not write a plot synopsis. There are so many of them. What I enjoyed was the underlying message. It makes a point that goes beyond the plot twists and turns. Did I learn anything about the atmosphere of life in the Ukraine at the end of Stalin’s reign? Not much, but it was a fun, exciting ride in an era that is skillfully depicted. You do feel the fear and terror of the times. That is well done.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much humor. I assume this has or will be made into a film. It is melodramatic but I believe that this was overly stressed by the audiobook’s narrator. His intonations emphasized danger beyond what was necessary. I believe reading the book would have been better than listening to it. Hey, I am nevertheless very happy it was available in the audio format.