White Gardenia - Belinda Alexandra Here is another audiobook I have listened to recently. This one was great! It grabbed my attention from start to finish. I took no notes, just listened and sucked up the story. Marvelous from start to finish.

This is historical fiction at its best. Although fiction; it is based on the mother and grandmother of the author. It is about the experiences of White Russians living in Harbin, China. Mother and daughter are split up when the Japanese invade China and Manchuria is subsequently occupied by Soviet Communist troops – one is sent back to Russia and the other must flee to Shanghai. The book is about their journeys and their search for each other.

The book is good because the different places are magnificently described. You learn about Harbin, Shanghai, refuge camps in the Philippines and finally emigration to Australia. And I have not described the mother’s trajectory! The plot is exciting.

The narration is superb. The voice intonations of Americans, Australians and Russians is just perfect.

If you wish to be transported from your own life to another world, this is the book to choose, and you will learn history in the most enjoyable of manners. Please listen to the audio version. It is an added plus.