Memories of Silk and Straw: A Self-Portrait of Small-Town Japan - Junichi Saga, Susumu Saga, Garry O. Evans Very interesting. Still .....kind of hard to read. You learn for example exactly how one thatched a roof or dyed cloth or arranged different hairstyles. Very detailed. There are chapters about all kinds of people - gangsters to fishermen to teachers to geisha. Such poverty!No health care. Life was hard and yet they played and enjoyed life in very simple ways too.

Wonderful sketches and photos and a helpful map of all the places named.

I might have enjoyed the book more if I had read one chapter a day. This was like reading a book of poems from start to finish. Or like reading a dictionary. Each episode was interesting and informative, but the reader cannot so quickly empathize with the person talking. Each episode of 1-3 pages was just too short to allow for this. I can in no way criticize the book, but I am not going to say I was glued to the pages. I just wasn't.