Tevye the Dairyman and the Railroad Stories - Sholem Aleichem, Hillel Halkin I finished "Tevye the Dairyman" part of the book. Tevye does take on the form of a perfect Jewish father. I definitely enjoyed meeting him. Some of the lines are great. Each chapter, each about a different daughter, all lead to the last chapter which imparts a wonderful message. I certainly was smiling at the end.

I doubt if I end up giving this a ton of stars, but nevertheless I think it could be called a classic and would recommend all to read it. I am glad I met Tevye...and his daughters too. He is such a schlimazel (a chronically unlucky person). The stories and the humor is at times repetitive.

I assume you know that this is the book from which Fiddler on the Roof was conceived.

I cannot imagine a better translation than that done by Hillel Halkin.

Now I am off to read the second section: "The Railroad Stories".

I have found them less entertaining and too repetitive. I suppose one should not read more than one story a day. Books of short stories always give me trouble.