Train to Trieste - Domnica Radulescu The beginning and the end were the weakest parts of this book. I wasn’t captured by the young romance of the beginning nor the final explanation of all the events summarized at the end. Still, I really enjoyed my time spend with this book. Life in Romania under Nicolae Ceausescu in the 1980s, the perils of emigration and life as a Romanian emigrant, all are perceptively described, emotionally and intellectually. I felt I was there experiencing the main character’s confusion, weariness, worries, anger and joys. I truly felt the author captured real life experiences. This is a book about how life really is, and it is not often that a book of fiction captures this so genuinely. The characters are real; they do what people really do. This does not feel like a book of fiction! And there are many wonderful lines.

After reading this book I feel I understand life under Ceausescu. Do you want to understand this Romanian experience, then read this book. The audiobook narration by Yelena Shmulenson was excellent.