True Grit - Charles Portis, Donna Tartt How often are the book descriptions here at GR really true? Go and read the one for this book. It is true! Every word of it. Nothing is exaggerated, as is so often the case! It gives you all the necessary facts you need to know. As it says, this is a book of humor. This book will make kids laugh, adults laugh and the elderly laugh. This book is for everyone. It is definitely for Americans because it depicts their not so recent past. It is for all those who are not American too, because everyone needs in today’s world to know and understand “American mentality”, and Americans of today are just a few generations from the time portrayed in this book, the 1870s.

The audiobook’s narration by Donna Tart is excellent. I have no quibbles whatsoever with her performance.

OK, how do I get you to read this book? Don’t you like a good wonderful laugh? Don’t you like hearing a story about strong, brave people who still are r-e-a-l? I picked this up to experience Mattie Ross’ vitality. I got what I wanted…. and more.

If you are still wondering whether you should pick up this book, I know there are so many books that are begging to be read, put your questions to me. I will try and answer them. I cannot imagine anyone who wouldn’t enjoy this book! It is not a serious book that you must read to be up-to-date and well-informed, but all of us need a good laugh. Yes, y-o-u too! Laughing makes us into nicer people.