The Sanctuary Sparrow

The Sanctuary Sparrow: Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, Book 7 (MP3 Book) - Ellis Peters, Vanessa Benjamin

Another VERY good one in this excellent cozy mysteries series set in Medieval England, in Shrewsbury near the border to Wales. My next one will be Monk's Hood. It feels repetitive to write another review, please see instead these two reviews: for The Leper of Saint Giles and for St. Peter's Fair

I highly recommend the series. They do NOT have to be read in order, except 6 and 10 have to be read before 20, say my friends. The first one is not one of the best, so beware. Don't be put off if you insist on starting there. You get delightful writing and a clear mystery that is fun to follow and filled with action. The monks are great characters, each with their own particular idiosyncrasies. They become real people because in all the books their character doesn't change; so the more you read, the more you enjoy going back to meet them again. Some are nicer than others, so don't think this is totally unrealistic. These characters are more than nice versus bad, they are unique individuals: one LOVES anything to do with music, another has a good heart but always breaks things and makes messes, and then of course there is Brother Cadfael (pronounced Cad-file). He is Welsh, worldly, has fought in wars, been to the Holy Lands and now has returned and fills out his monastical duties working in the Abby's herbarium and solving crimes. Oh, I forgot. I was going to keep this very short.

My advice, don't start with book one. Start with my favorite so far, "The Leper of St. Giles". "The Sanctuary Sparrow" is almost as good but the mystery was a teeny bit harder to follow. As usual, all the threads tie up nicely. As usual, Brother Cadfael explains how he thinks for us, the Deputy Sheriff, Hugh Beringar, and the Abbot. As usual, the writing is NOT salacious, but lovely. As usual the crime gets solved and each get their fair due, in one way or another. You recognize a lovely constancy to how the stories unfold and are resolved. Lovely series. I just couldn't keep my mouth shut, could I?!

The narration of the audiobook by Vanessa Benjamin was absolutely wonderful. No complaints whatsoever.