Wolf Hall (Thomas Cromwell, #1) - Hilary Mantel, Simon Slater Maybe. I have read A Place of Greater Safety by this author ane really liked it, but I need to read other nbooks on the subject first. I need also to see what others say. I need to know more about Henry VIII. Can I deal with the politics of Cromwell when I know so little? Hmm - just maybe. Or later. I do not doubt that it is well researched or well written.

Kirkus says, "Although Mantel's language is original, evocative and at times wittily anachronistic, this minute exegesis of a relatively brief, albeit momentous, period in English history occasionally grows tedious. The characters, including Cromwell, remain unknowable, their emotions closely guarded; this works well for court intrigues, less so for fiction. Masterfully written and researched but likely to appeal mainly to devotees of all things Tudor."