When the Stars Fall to Earth

When the Stars Fall to Earth: A Novel of Africa - Rebecca Tinsley

I am sure you have heard of the Darfur genocide. In 2004 it hit the news. Are you aware that it is still going on?

Please read this book! It is important. It has a message to impart. It explains what has happened and is still happening in Darfur, western Sudan. The characters are fictional, but each one represents the experiences of these people in a simplified manner. Somehow this works. There is history and it is clearly presented through the fictional characters, so you empathize, so you understand, so you care. The bottom line is that what is presented here is the unbiased truth, and it has to be known. Something has to be done to stop this ethnic cleansing. Why have we let it go on so long? The last chapter discusses why so little has been done and provides contact addresses.

I listened to the audiobook. It was well narrated by Holly Villaire, with passion and clarity and different intonations for each character.

It is all very nice that food and blankets are being sent to refugee camps. But you know what really has to be done? The weapons that are killing these people must be stopped. The UN resolutions must be enforced. And the Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir must be tried at The Hague.

Start by reading the book.