The Circus Fire

The Circus Fire (Audio) - Stewart O'Nan

I have listened to almost four hours (total 11 hours 17 minutes) of Dick Hill's narration of this audiobook. It is unbelievably gruesome. Four hours focused upon the description of maimed, burned and dead bodies, human bodies. Not one circus animal was killed. Now I have had it. That's enough. It is more than I can bear.

The Circus Fire: A True Story of an American Tragedy by Stewart O'Nan is written and narrated to shock. Others warn in their reviews that it is gruesome, but there ought to be another word to adequately express just how gruesome it was! Skin falling off, trampling on crushed bodies, screams of pain and anguish, all narrated in a voice that is intended to increases the tension, suffering and misery. Ughhhhhh!

In any case, don't choose the audiobook. Unless you want nightmares.